Sean Murphy - Director

I love connecting.  I love helping people. Headhunting lets me put all those pieces together and create something meaningful.

I’ve been finding lawyers and law firms new opportunities for 13 years.  Before that I was lawyering myself.  IP and IT at Simpson Grierson in New Zealand.  I know lawyers.

I get excited about growing legal businesses and careers.  Finding the best fit between partner and practice.

While I work on mandates across all practice areas, my sweet spot is insurance and workplace relations law.  That’s where my relationships and networks go really deep.



+614 2913 7658


Lisa Shadgett

I focus on the business of law. I help law firms and legal teams grow and improve their businesses. 

Experienced in leading complex, high-value contract negotiations in the Asia Pacific region. I developed my legal skills in top tier law firms and developed my commercial, business and leadership skills in a mix of start-up and Fortune 500 companies.  Which all means I bring a unique skill-set and value.

I love it when a plan comes together. And I love making plans.  Solving complex problems, solving simple ones for that matter. 

If I can help you solve a problem for your business, or you’d like to talk about the art of the possible, send an email to lisa@corsosearch.com