The Way Forward

Finding the right person to grow your practice.  Finding the right practice to grow your career and better serve your clients.  This is what we are all about.

At Corso all we do is Search – High-end legal search to be specific.  Partners, Special Counsel and Senior Associates. National and international law firms. Individual hires, Team moves and establishing new Offices throughout Australia.

We believe the right path to deliver you the best people solutions is dedicated, partnered search.  It simply delivers better results for everyone.  And it’s a far more enjoyable experience.

For Law Firms

We find the people, skills and relationships you are looking for.  We engage with only a select number of law firms in relation to executive search at any one time. This allows us to apply laser focus and provide quality outcomes within your timeframes. It also allows us to significantly reduce the impact of conflicts of interest.

For Lawyers

We find the role you are looking for.  Our size means that we are personal. We take the time to listen and give you the information you need to understand your place and value in today’s legal market. 

Benefits of Dedicated Search

  • stronger relationships – exclusive and client-centred, we are part of your team;
  • deeper, shared understanding – we know, and are collaborating with you to achieve, your strategic needs;
  • transparent and agreed methodology – you know what we are doing and always get the same (superior) outputs;
  • focused, dedicated  delivery – we don’t disappear.  You get all our attention, all our resources.  You get quality and speed;
  • skin in the game – we are invested in your success.

At Corso we value strong personal relationships.  It’s important to us that we find you people that share your vision and will make a positive long-term impact in your legal practice.